For example, connect your back office to your field service. For example, you can create orders and define your own parameters. At the customer, your field service can complete the data record. After completing the work, the commercial department can do everything else.


  • Create various projects
  • Each project can be linked to its own services
  • See currently open orders for your projects


  • Create a separate data record for each order and keep an eye on its status and milestones
  • After completing the services provided, carry out the commercial processing of the order

Customer management & invoices

  • Manage your customers
  • Specify specific conditions (discount, ...)
  • Check open invoices, orders, and statistics about your collaboration workflow
  • You can generate invoices to your customers based on the services performed
  • Use self-made text modules
  • Keep track of outstanding invoices that have not yet been paid and send reminders to your customers

Field service

  • Give your field service access via a tablet
  • Your field service can fill out the forms you have specified
  • Have the proof of work generated automatically and signed by the customer
  • Use the data entered by the field service for further processing
  • Provide your field service with additional files / documents in the database file system

More options


Optimize your customer relationships with a self-defined CRM system.

Warehouse management

Manage your warehouse. You can create articles, assign suppliers with their own prices and conditions and initiate new deliveries.

Real estate

Market your property and keep a clear overview.


Create tasks and hand them over to employees. Whether related to projects, orders or in general.

Time tracking

Record working hours of all employees with evaluations of all kinds.

Diary & comments

Record changes to data records so that they can always be tracked.